Usually we use the forums to criticize something or share eye issues. This time, I want to commend one drug – named Cialis. With my husband found it a little random (via publication on the Internet). So, now we turned our backs woes erection problems.

We have tried with other preparations, but such a combination of continuous action + lack of restrictions on taking alcohol and foods were not found. Cialis “work” as 36 hours.

Ultimately, now we do more often, longer and … more confidently. 🙂

Itself does not lead to drug dependence itself. He just filled with blood pelvis … Of course, you might tip off axis psychological dependence “No pill can not”, but I do not believe that to happen … Usually after several successful attempts forget pills 🙂

Why you should avoid buying from random places!

In my hands I have the original pils from Lilly, bought from a pharmacy. Blister contains 2 drop-shaped pills. I have repeatedly used this Cialis, which I guarantee because it converts me into a real donkey. Levitra does not work on me, and with Viagra I received hellish headache and palpitations. The last “blue” pill wonder how I did not die. I have never shopped on the net and I have the impression what poisons sold there. I would never have become the guinea pigs, which are poisons. In the pharmacy it is more expensive, but at least I hope that is true. Pills regular elongated shape who bought were fake, but you left happy, because you have picked it up. The bad fakes is their content, do not know what they poison. Another issue is that in most cases did not act.

In “Levitra” packages are respectively 5, 10 and 20 mg. The substance is similar, the effect is the same (another manufacturer – Bayer / “Bayer”, and “Viagra” is Phizer / “Pfizer” – every product produced under his own name, but the action in both cases is a vasodilator in the pelvic area and the genitals, which increases the erection). “Levitra” is a bit more expensive, but the prices are competitive. Who doubt the differences in action between the two pills, and can try both types and choose what it deems it works better. But the action may be affected by food and drink, so it’s good to know some tips from doctors.